Black Peppercorns(100g)

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Black Peppercorns(100g)

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Our bold peppercorns are from our family plantation in Wayanad, Kerala. The peppercorns have a strong, pungent taste and is intensely spicy with notes of citrus. Wayanad peppercorns is a must for connoisseurs.


Black peppercorn, also known as “King of Spice,” is an incredibly popular spice since ancient times and is one of the most common spices added to cuisines all around the world. It comes from the berries of the pepper plant and can be used as a spice and seasoning. Its spiciness is because of the chemical compound named piperine that does all the magic! They are not only used to cook but also have medicinal benefits.

A taste that is woody, piney, pungent, and sharp all at the same time, black peppercorns are perfect to spice up pickles and preserves, giving them distinctive aroma and flavor. We can employ them in preparing soups, barbecue sauces, dressings – pretty much in any dish. And can add it whole, crushed, or grounded.

At Muziris, we handpick and source our produce 100% from the farms of Wayanad to your doorstep as we pack it fresh on order. To provide you with the best quality, our team takes every precaution to control all the critical points and bring to you a premium peppercorn that is unprocessed and in its purest form. It is our assurance that we will deliver you a fresh, and exceptional quality that cannot be found anywhere else.

Health Benefits:

  • Power-packed with nutrients to improve your health
  • Contains manganese, potassium, zinc, iron, vitamin C and K
  • Has natural anti-inflammatory compounds to fight against foreign substances
  • Lowers the risk of brain diseases and improves memory
  • Improve digestion
  • Relieves cold and cough
  • Promotes weight loss and lowers blood pressure
  • Boost metabolism and stimulate your appetite

How to store?

  • Store in an airtight container since it loses flavor and aroma through evaporation
  • Before storing, make sure the container is fully dry
  • Store away from direct sunlight and keep it in a cool and dry place, at room temperature.


  • Ingredients: Black Peppercorns
  • Net Weight: 100g
  • Packed fresh on order
  • Shelf Life: 12 Months
  • Altitude: 1100 – 2000m
  • Single Estate Origin
  • Region: Wayanad


Our bold peppercorns are from our family plantation in Wayanad, Kerala. The peppercorns have a strong, pungent taste and is intensely spicy with notes of citrus. Wayanad peppercorns is a must for connoisseurs.

7 reviews for Black Peppercorns(100g)

  1. Raj

    Great product. I would highly recommend you to buy this product as it is purely organic and healthy product. I received this product before the delivery date itself. It has helps me reduce my weight and has improved digestion. I consumed this everyday on empty stomach with lukewarm water. Give it a try.

  2. Khan

    I was looking for pure and organic black peppercorns, after a lot of research I purchased this product. It was recommended by one of my friends as well. I consume this morning on empty stomach with warm water as informed by my trainer. I started seeing the results in the first week itself as it helped me to reduce my weight. I have been using this from last 8 months now. Thank you for this awesome product

  3. Shashil Nandi

    I was on the hunt for some pure and organic pepper powder. One of my friends suggested that muziris India sell the best organic spices. When I checked out their website i went through their spices and i got into this product. Trust me its completely worth and 100% organic.

  4. dai

    It’s really very good as far as taste is concerned.A perfect spices at much lower cost

  5. khushi

    I was suffering from a heavy weight due to full-time sitting and not working out. This product was suggested by one of my friends and she had got great results with it. I also gave it a try and it helped me lose weight gradually. I was flabbergasted with the effects after consuming this. 100 % organic and good in taste

  6. Sundaram Saneesh

    Best Peppercorns in the Indian market. The quality of the product is really amazing.

  7. manu

    This is an excellent product  I highly suggest you to purchase this product because it is 100% organic and nutritious.

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