Filter coffee & tea machine

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Filter coffee & tea machine

It perfectly prepares a wide range of consistently high quality coffee & tea from Filter coffee tea machine recipes every time. A frothy hot cappuccino, a cool creamy iced tea or an espresso with an exotic twist, makes it for you!

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If you want to start your day with an authentic taste of filter coffee and tea, you are at the right place!!

Muziris filter coffee tea machine provide a cup full of flavour you are looking for dispensing freshly brewed filter coffee and tea. It prepares a wide range of tea and coffee with perfection and consistency that you will seldom find. You can get authentic South Indian filter coffee, or an amazing cup of chai of your choice.

Why are tea and filter coffee Vending machines best for your office, restaurant, or café?

  1. Unique and subtle coffee flavour and aroma
  2. Less acidic
  3. Great energy booster
  4. You can control how strong it tastes
  5. The coffee and teas are sourced directly from the plantations to your cup

Why Muziris filter coffee and tea vending machines?

What makes Muziris filter coffee and tea vending machines unique is that we have been in the  plantation industry for four generations. So the knowledge and expertise about coffee and tea have been passed on to us from generations. It has made us dream about providing quality filter coffee powder and coffee at an affordable price to our consumers. We have made our vending machine such that each cup is freshly brewed, has the right flavour, and tastes according to your choice and preference.

Our coffees are grown under the canopy of trees on our coffee plantation in the traditional coffee growing belt of Southern India.  We are not just installing the vending machine but also provide you with quality products that goes into your beverage.

Give a healthy start to your day:

Muziris filter coffee and tea vending machine are not only good in their taste, but as studies show, filter coffee is good for the health as well. Filter coffee is good for weight loss, diabetes, and preventing cardiovascular disease. Though excess of everything is bad and everything is good when done in moderation, drinking a cup or two of filter coffee can help improve your health. So you can have a cup of filter coffee with a smile as it is better for your health.


Bring the authentic taste of freshly brewed filter coffee and tea to your desk so that you work smarter and better with office coffee machines. The Muziris Filter Coffee & Tea Vending Machine is a blend of taste, cost-effectiveness, preference of flavour, and aroma. It creates magic in your cup and is a perfect companion at work in every office.

Additional Information

Choice of Beverages :-
1. Strong Coffee        6. Strong Tea 
2. Medium Coffee      7. Medium Tea   
3. Light Coffee           8. Light Tea
4. Black Coffee          9. Black Tea 
5. Hot Water              10. Hot Milk

Q. Is it Micro Processor Controlled
Ans. Yes.

Q. Quick Start up
Ans. Yes.

Q. Cup Counter & Hot Water Function
Ans. yes

Q. Dispensing Rate of cups Per Minute? 
Ans. 5-7.

Q. Voltage?

Q. L x W x H (mm)?

Q. Suitable for?
Ans. All Offices, Restaurants, Coffee shops and Factories

Q. Auto Cutoff?
Ans. Yes

Q. Auto Cleaning System?
Ans. Yes

Q. Low Power Consumption?
Ans. Yes

Q. Easy Maintenance?
Ans. Yes

Q. User Friendly?
Ans. Yes

GMP Certified?


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