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Our family has strong roots in the plantation industry for over a century. As a fourth generation planter and with nearly a decade of experience in the coffee industry, enabling consumers to have direct access to quality and affordable produce was the logical next step – and thus was born ‘Muziris’

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From bold to rich flavour, explore our range of coffee with a perfect blend for every taste.

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Whether you are an ardent coffee-lover or someone who simply enjoys starting your day with a cup of coffee, Muziris brings you the taste of authentic South Indian Filter Coffee. We offer a wide variety of coffees from our kitty that is sure to make your day productive, effective, and filled with fun and laughter. A whiff of coffee from Muziris is all you need to refresh you after a good night’s sleep and ensure that you remain fresh all day. What could be a better way than to start your day with a cup of fresh coffee from Muziris. A trusted name in manufacturing quality coffee products. Carefully hand-picked beans straight from the plantations, roasted, and ground to offer you the perfect taste that lingers on. Our filter coffee powder offers lip-smacking taste as they are well-blended to offer the real coffee taste with the rich flavour. We make sure that you are in no way missing your filter coffee at your workplace as well. With our coffee vending machines for office, with each cup dispensed, you will relish the authentic taste of South Indian Filter Coffee. The intoxicating aroma of fresh coffee that leaves the taste lingering on your taste buds all through the day. Enjoy every sip of your coffee be it your home or your workplace. We offer the finest beans Arabica and Robusta, a premium blend to perfect taste. They are shade-grown in our coffee plantations nestled in Western Ghats of India. Ecstasy Brew: With a sweet and nutty flavour is a coffee true to nature that serves as a perfect choice for slow mornings when you could relax and enjoy your great cup of coffee. With 85% coffee and 15% chicory mix, ecstasy brew is roasted and blended with utmost care. Roasted Coffee beans: perfectly roasted to give you a perfect cup of coffee with an intense aroma and flavour Morning bliss: A fresh cup of coffee for a refreshing morning with a little pinch of spices, nuts and chocolate to make you active all day. Madras memories: For all the filter coffee lovers, a cup of strong coffee blended with the highest quality of arabica and robusta beans with chicory to give the best south Indian filter coffee.
Tea is considered to be the oldest and the most popular drink in the world. Muziris tea is a specialty product that is unique and consists of flavorful blends associated with excellent taste, aroma, and having good health effects of tea. Muziris tea is cultivated and sourced from carefully selected tea gardens in the region. The tea leaves are plucked, processed specially, and very carefully packed to retain their freshness for a long time. Our packed tea ensures the best quality tea that is available in the market today. They are also available at budget-friendly prices with different varieties. Now, every person will be able to enjoy our flavorful tea. On a dull morning or a rainy evening enjoying a hot cup of Muziris tea sip by sip is a wonderful experience. Muziris also pledges to save and enrich the tea cultivation and plantations. We promote tea cultivation and also wants to increase the production, and distribution process. The three types of best tea that Muziris offers are Muziris-Chaya Blue Tea - Best tea for health Chai. Muziris tea is enriched with natural goodness and packed with positivity. Our tea is made specially keeping in mind that you start your day on a positive note. Sipping our cup of tea is sure to give you a fresher, lighter, and energy-filled feeling. A more delicate taste that will be lingering on your taste buds throughout the day without any bitter taste. For Muziris, nature is a god-given gift that we must make use of to the fullest and at the same time ensure that we protect and preserve our nature and the environment for our well-being. Our plantation workers harness the sun, wind, and rain to ensure that your every cup of tea is specifically and uniquely crafted with the goodness of nature. Muziris tea powder is the best tea powder to give you an eccentric taste that blends flavour with our special signature delicious taste and aroma. Muziris brings you wide varieties of Coffee, Teas & Spices freshly from the Western Ghats. Tea is the most consumed beverage after water. It contains various health benefits, making it a soulful and healthy drink more than just a refreshment. When you start your day with a refreshing cup of hot tea from Muziris we assure you that it will enhance your mood making everything better and more positive.

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We Offer a wide range of high-quality Coffee, Tea & Spices from the plantations directly


In this current hectic lifestyle, it is imperative to always remain active.  A cup of coffee is the one thing that you would need to keep your spirits up. Coffee Vending Machine For Office serve as your one-time solution for an instant boost to stimulate you and keep your energy up. 

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  • Perfect Consistency The beans are perfectly roasted by our expert roasters for a flavourful and consistent end cup of your coffee
  • Wide Assortment A good assortment of coffees are provided and we also do custom blends
  • Roasting & Grinding The right roasting & grinding is important for a good coffee
  • Best Quality Packed in materials that are safe for the planet
  • Packing Freshly packed on order
  • Aroma The best smelling coffee will be one that's freshly roasted

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