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The aroma of freshly-roasted coffee beans in the grinder or the smell of that first cup of coffee from the kitchen kick-starts the day’s routine. Many apprehend that the delicious coffee smell is due to caffeine, but in reality, the smell is the first step of the whole tasting process. The volatile compounds in the coffee produce that rich aroma when the coffee beans are roasted to a particular temperature. Muziris freshest coffee beans are roasted perfectly to give you that rich taste, flavour, and aroma.

It is found that humans process smell twice, during inhale and exhale. In reality, what we think of as ‘taste’ is the smell reaching us through nose scent receptors. This explains why the smell of freshly brewed coffee is as satisfying as the taste itself. The caffeine in the coffee helps you to wake up or keep you alert through the neurotransmitter adenosine in your brain. The caffeine is retained most when the coffee beans are roasted light. On the other hand, darker roasts of the beans retain the least of caffeine. So depending on your caffeine sensitivity, you can choose the best filter coffee powder.  Muziris has a wide range of coffee powders or roasted coffee beans with the perfect blend of roast and ground

Roasting coffee too much alters the aroma, flavour, and strength of the drink. If the roasting of the beans are done for a longer time at higher temperatures, the flavour changes. Hence needs to be roasted perfectly for that rich flavour and taste. Even if under-roasted too, the coffee doesn’t taste good. The Coffee freshness changes as per the roasting process. Usually, the coffee brewed with whole beans retains more flavour when ground.

It is believed that coffee is a flavourful drink with an acquired taste. To enjoy the coffee you need to be experimenting with different roasts and explore the new tastes until you find the right brew. Once you find the right brew, you become an ardent lover and start appreciating coffee. As mentioned earlier the degree of roasting the coffee changes its flavour. Dark roasts (coffee beans roasted until blackened) are generally unpalatable for first-time lovers of coffee. You can start with sweeter ones like mochas or Frappuccinos. You can choose the Best South Indian Filter Coffee powder from the good assortment of coffees from Muziris. Muziris also custom blends as per your preference and tastes.

So don’t give up until you find your right brew, as different coffee blends taste differently. Coffee also takes some time to warm up like many acquired tastes.


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