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All coffee lovers deserve the best cup of coffee to awake their taste buds every morning. The South Indian filter coffee is popularly known as filter kaapi (in Tamil or Mysore filter coffee). This filter coffee is known for its strong flavour, aroma, and hint of sweetness. A cup of filter coffee kick-starts the morning routine for many. It is usually served hot with or without breakfast and even at any point of the day. You can get the best south Indian filter coffee powder from Muziris coffee.

The perfect cup of filter coffee is dependent on many factors, right from the selection of beans to the end process. The taste and aroma of the coffee depends on the freshness and quality of the beans, the degree of roast and ground, and the brewing process. It is to be noted that the roasted beans reach their peak after 4-6 days. The beans should not be roasted too dark or too light, as this can alter the flavour or the taste. Muziris brings you the taste of authentic South Indian Filter Coffee and offers a wide variety of coffees to suit your taste.

Another important factor is the grinding of the roasted beans. The filter coffee powder should not be too smooth or finely grind. If the ground is too fine, you will get an uneven or bitter taste, as the water takes more time to filter. You need to opt for a medium grind size for the optimum taste.

Method of preparing the filter coffee: The method used in preparing the filter coffee is much similar to the French press coffee decoction; however the equipment or the coffee filter used is unique and different. Moreover, the apparatus or the filter is very simple to use. To make filter coffee, you need to have the equipment (commonly called the coffee filter). It has 2 parts, a perforated upper container, and the lower container to collect the decoction.

To prepare the decoction, you need the filter coffee powder of your choice, add the coffee powder to the upper container and pour the hot water into it. 

After 20- 30 min the decoction slowly gets collected in the lower container of the filter. If you do not have the coffee filter, you can take a strainer and line it with a piece of muslin cloth or any other cloth and follow the above procedure.

Brew: Put the filter coffee powder in the strainer of the coffee filter. Press it with the coffee press and add 1/4th or 1/2 cup of hot water to the container depending on the size of the coffee filter. For small sizes, you can take 3-4 teaspoons of coffee powder. For bigger filters, 6 – 8 teaspoons of coffee powder are required.

Once the hot water is added, cover and keep it aside to get the thick coffee decoction percolated in the lower container. Now take a small quantity of the collected decoction (say 3-5 teaspoons of the decoction) , add sugar as per your taste and pour hot milk into the cup and stir it or mix well. Your coffee is ready to serve or sip. The strength of the filter coffee depends on the quantity of coffee powder and water used, in other words, the thickness of the decoction. Below are the measurements generally used for a small-size coffee filter (serves 2-4 cups).

4-5 teaspoons coffee powder – strong coffee

3 teaspoons coffee powder – medium strong

1.5 to 2 teaspoons coffee powder – light coffee

So now that we know the steps, let’s brew it and enjoy a cup of Muziris coffee.


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