How much does a coffee machine cost in India?

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Coffee is one beverage that is loved across the world whether it is Cappuccino, Americano. Espresso. Doppio, or our very own traditional authentic South Indian Filter Coffee.  In India, nothing can match the taste and aroma of the filter coffee and those who love it do not want to settle for anything less.  Well, with that said, you can always have your cup of filter coffee easily available at home, but what if you are at workplace.  For this reason, Muziris brings you office coffee vending machines and coffee powder that will never keep you connected with your love for the filter coffee.  There are various coffee vending machines depending on your choice for coffee and if you are wondering how much does a coffee machine cost in India, there are various features that define the cost.

Gone are the days when one had to head to a coffee shop or café to sip on the  favourite Cappuccino or Espresso.  New coffee making and dispensing methods have also evolved with time to save time and effort bet it at home or in office.

For all the office vending solutions, Muziris has the best offers where you can either own a coffee vending machine or rent it for both residual use or an coffee vending machine for office.

The two variants of coffee vending machines available at Muziris India include the Bean to Cup and the Filter Tea And Coffee vending machines.  Muziris India ensures that each cup is freshly brewed, aromatic, flavoured, and consistent offering a great experience with each sip.

Bean To Cup – This coffee vending machine provides coffee made from freshly-ground beans right at your desk making it the best work partner.  Whether you need a frothy hot cappuccino or a cool creamy iced tea or an Espresso with an exotic twist, this coffee vending machine makes them all for you.

Filter coffee and Tea Machine – Now, no more missing the authentic Filter Coffee even when you are away from home.  Filter Coffee & Tea Vending Machine is a perfect blend of convenience, cost-effectiveness, and of course taste, that makes it a perfect companion for every workplace.  Even for an avid tea lover, this vending machine provides the perfect taste.

Coffee Vending Machines by Muziris India are fully automated coffee and tea vending machines that are specifically designed keeping the comfort level into account and are sure to serve your needs to the best. If you still are concerned about how much does a coffee machine cost, there is absolutely no need to worry as these are affordable coffee vending Services giving you the choice of either purchasing one or renting one.

To answer your question on “How much does a coffee vending machine cost?” Here we are, Muziris offers the best cost-effective rental plans just right and within your budget.  Our best office coffee machine is available at a monthly rent of ₹ 3500/-

Muziris coffee vending machines Bean To Cup, the Filter Coffee & Tea machine perfectly prepare a wide range of consistently high-quality coffee, as well as tea.

The best grind and brew coffee maker/tea consistently prepare that good cup of filter coffee or tea with fresh milk. Our coffee beans are from the plantations in the Western Ghats that are packed with freshness, goodness, and taste.To ensure the finest quality, high range products from Muziris India are processed with utmost care.  Muziris India is built upon Quality, Freshness, Affordability, Consistency, and Innovation that lay a strong foundation. We directly source the finest quality of products from our very own plantations or our partner plantations.

According to studies conducted, reports suggest that coffee contains antioxidants and other active substances that may not only reduce internal inflammation but also keep our body strong by protecting against diseases.

At Muziris India, you could get the best coffee vending machine along with the best range of coffees from freshly ground beans right at your desk.


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