Four Generations Of Defining Coffee Beans.

Finest Quality of Products

If four generations of a family stay in one business, the best of the knowledge gets passed on to the next generations. Such is the case with Muziris coffee. The family has been in this plantation industry for four generations, and the young generations have received the best knowledge and practices. Muziris coffee is an outcome of this best knowledge that has lasted for four generations.

Muziris Coffee powder has been recognized as one of the top 10 brands of coffee Powder in India.

Be it the knowledge of planting the right seed, tending it into a plant, or roasting the coffee beans, it reflects in the quality of the cup of Muziris coffee. It is the best choice for offices with the right aroma and flavor. Muziris is also known for its best Office Coffee Machine.

Coffee is a beverage that so many people consume every day. To some, it gives them a fresh start for the day—some other people bond with their friends and colleagues over a mug of coffee.

Coffee provides background and creates an ambiance for many meetings, presentations, and boardroom discussions. At Muziris, we understand the significance of coffee in the life of office goers. Therefore, we have a Coffee Vending Machine for Office. Muziris coffee reflects the intelligence of the four generations of a family in the coffee seed.

The knowledge and hard work of the four generations reflect in our coffee. Muziris coffee seeds at our plantation are an outcome of the day-to-day experiences of our four generations in the coffee plantation business.

We are different from others in the following way:

Our story: First and foremost, our story differentiates us from other brands. Our family has had strong roots in the world of coffee plantations for over a century. We are a fourth-generation planter having a decade of experience in the coffee plantation industry. Our long-cherished dream was to provide quality and affordable produce to our consumers. Muziris was born out of that long-cherished dream. We are highly passionate about this business. For us, it is not our business. It is our life.

Our crop: Muziris coffee beans are selected from the finest coffee beans from different varieties of Arabica and Robusta. These are shade-grown in our coffee plantation under a canopy of trees. The coffee is grown like this, which produces the finest beans and is then processed and reaches your table in your office when you need it the most. To aid this process, we provide the Best Grind and Brew Coffee Maker.

Freshness: The quality of our coffee beans is different because of the way they are grown. They remain fresh for the longest time and do not lose their aroma over time. The flavor also remains intact for a long time. It is the knowledge about growing the finest coffee bean that defines our coffee bean, which has been passed to us from four generations. Also, we pluck it fresh from our plantation and our partner plantation. So if you want to enjoy the Fresh Brew Vending of having a most refreshing cup of coffee, try Murziris coffee, and you will definitely cherish it.


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