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South Indian Filter Coffee

Many emotions flood you Whenever you hear the word “coffee,” as there is an emotional attachment to it. One can’t emphasise how much a good cup of coffee is essential to get a good start for the day. It is not just any coffee but that typical South Indian filter coffee.

Suppose you are a South Indian or Indian who loves authentic South Indian filter coffee, then you will love Muziris filter coffee powder as it is the best coffee powder for filter coffee.

Though every filter coffee is made of decoction, the coffee powder and the consistency makes a difference. So why is Muziris the best coffee powder for filter coffee? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. Quality of coffee:The quality of coffee depends upon its beans and which variety of plants it is from. Muziris coffee is made from the best varieties of Arabica and Robusta beans,  which in turn produces the bestcoffee powder for filter coffee. It is produced from the freshest coffee beans. It is grown in shade under the canopy of trees of Wayanad.
  1. Freshest coffee beans: Muziris coffee powder is made from the freshest coffee beans. The aroma and flavour of coffee powder depend upon the freshness of the coffee beans. So this is the reason why the smell and taste of Muziris coffee are so unique.
  1. Taste of tradition: Muziris coffee is Best South Indian Filter Coffee because it is the authentic taste of tradition, and there is nothing more attractive than keeping the tradition alive. All you have to do is to cut open the Muziris filter coffee powder and put it in the filter coffee maker. Then add boiling hot water into it to form a decoction. In a separate pan, you boil the milk and add sugar to taste. Then mix the decoction with milk, and your authentic filter coffee is ready.
  1. Magic of plantation: We at Muziris have been in the coffee plantation industry for four generations. The wisdom that we have received from our forefathers is reflected in how we tend the crop in our plantations. There is magic in the way we grow our produce, which is why the coffee from our plantation is different.
  1. Taste of your grandmother’s coffee: Muziris filter coffee is age-old. It has been brewed in the homes of South India for four generations. So it has the taste of your grandmother’s filter coffee. It is something that is so unique and etched in the psyche of every South Indian household. You have to drink it to know the taste of this filter coffee powder.

Conclusion: If you want to brew the best filter coffee in your kitchen, you will need Muziris filter coffee powder. A good coffee powder is what ensures that the coffee tastes authentically South Indian, and Muziris filter coffee ensures that you brew the best filter coffee in your kitchen.


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